Hey. I’m Ashley. I’m 25 but still love “Young Adult” novels. Isn’t early 20’s considered to be a Young Adult?

Anyway, I started this one day without any planning because I liked the name I thought of and didn’t want anyone to steal it. And then I made a logo!


Look how nice that is. It’s almost like this is a legit website instead of … whatever it turns into.

If the name doesn’t give it away, books are a passion of mine and if/when I start posting with any regularity, most of my posts will be about books. I might even share some of my own writing (I’m graduating with a Creative Writing Major, dontcha know).

But there’s no way I can limit myself, so there might be other interests of mine popping up occasionally, such as…

  • tv & movies
  • puppies
  • fashion
  • occasional thoughts about life
  • personal posts (sorry if that’s not your thing)

I hope you enjoy my posts. I try to be funny, though I think that might be obvious (that I’m trying to be funny, not necessarily that I’m funny).


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