My Past Book Blog Reviews

I used to work on a book review blog called Getting Lost In Words¬†with a couple of friends. We worked so hard to come up with a review format and how to keep up with posting. We had a lot of fun, even got a couple of books sent to us. Obviously I’m not on that site anymore, but I don’t want all my hard work to be gone. So here is where I will link all of my book reviews from the old site in order from oldest to newest.

I had other posts, but these are the actual reviews. If you want to check out more, my penname was Dexter.


Adding some interests

Hello, It’s me back from Siberia. Sorry I haven’t touched this site in a month. Capital S Stuff has been happening in my life. But that’s over now (I hope).

Anyway, I’ve decided to use this blog not only to talk about books, but also fashion. Specifically, I want to post about what I wear daily. I already do so on Instagram so I thought, why not make it legit.

So that’s where this blog is headed. I am currently reading a book (Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell) and I should have a review up shortly. Sneak peek, I identify a little too much with the main character so I am very emotionally invested.

See you next time,