Don’t Judge a Bookshelf by its Content. Judge a Bookshelf by its Absence.

So, I’m seeing all these different articles about something that really bugs me (even though I’m sure I do it too).

Reading between the lines: What choice of reading material would impress you in a potential date – and which book would be a big turn-off?

Is Someone’s Bookshelf a Dating Dealbreaker?

The Subconscious Shelf (or what your books say about you)

Judging people by the books they read. We’ve all done it. You see someone reading a book that personally makes you cringe and … judgment day. It’s hard to stop ourselves.

Belle: A Character Judged for being able to Read.

But we should. Stop, that is. And I’ll tell you why.

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My Past Book Blog Reviews

I used to work on a book review blog called Getting Lost In Words with a couple of friends. We worked so hard to come up with a review format and how to keep up with posting. We had a lot of fun, even got a couple of books sent to us. Obviously I’m not on that site anymore, but I don’t want all my hard work to be gone. So here is where I will link all of my book reviews from the old site in order from oldest to newest.

I had other posts, but these are the actual reviews. If you want to check out more, my penname was Dexter.